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    COVID-19 daily update (Sept. 9)

    Shenzhen reported 26 new locally transmitted confirmed cases and 28 new locally transmitted asymptomatic cases of COVID-19 yesterday.

    COVID-19 daily update (Sept. 8)

    Shenzhen reported 18 new locally transmitted confirmed cases and seven new locally transmitted asymptomatic cases of COVID-19 yesterday.

    Dapeng’s first subdistrict-level administrative mediation committee inaugurated in Kuichong

    Kuichong Subdistrict Administrative Mediation Committee, Dapeng New District’s first subdistrict-level administrative mediation committee, was inaugurated in Kuichong Subdistrict on Sept. 7.

    Shenzhen China's fourth best city in terms of air quality

    Shenzhen ranked fourth among 168 key Chinese cities in terms of air quality in the first seven months of this year, following Haikou, Lhasa and Zhoushan.

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    Russian visits camping resort in Xichong and feels happy to see the new Xichong

    As a person who had been to Xichong before, Irina Bogodukhova is also happy to see that the surroundings around the beach have been greatly improved.


    Intl. talents express love to Dapeng

    American makes her very f...

    At the invitation of Zhang Zhangmei, the fourth-generation inheritor of the Nan’ao sea urchin zongzi cooking techniques, Kiara Lynn Garcia Hernandez from the U.S. came to Nan’ao, Dapeng New District on May 26 to taste sea urchin zongzi and learn from Zhang how to make her first zongzi.


    Dapeng's war on COVID-19

    In order to do well in implementing the COVID-19 prevention and control measures on a daily basis, Dapeng Government Online launched this featured page to provide all kinds of COVID-related news and information including latest news, daily updates and reminders.


    Tracing Dapeng's Red History

    Dapeng New District is famous for its picturesque coastal scenery, the vast Shenzhen Dapeng Peninsula National Geopark and the centuries-old Dapeng Fortress but it is also a red area which witnessed local people's indomitable spirit to resist foreign aggression.